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East Side Riders Bike Club

is a volunteer organization in Watts with a mission to improve Watts through community service, charity work, and bike programs aimed at keeping local youth out of gang activity.


Community Leaders

ESR seeks to positively impact the following community needs: Inadequate Organized Recreational Outlets for local youth in the Watts area, a community that is rife with high rates of child obesity, asthma and other respiratory challenges amongst youth; lack of Safe Passage and Travel Routes: while Watts is a very small community, there are clear gang-related boundaries and territories that limit the movement of local youth based on where they reside; Lack of Resources- families lack the resources to purchase bikes, safety gear, and/or other necessary equipment. 

Motivate Your Community


To become a member of ESR you need to want to give back to your community and:

  • Attend 2 ESR meetings per month

  • Ride with ESR two weekends per month

  • Ride 300 miles 

  • Pay dues - $20.00 dollars per month individuals and $30.00 dollars per month families. (All proceeds goes to the programs and giveaways that ESR hosts.

Come enjoy a fun filled day with our bike club at any of our events, and if you like riding with us then you can enjoy a lifetime of friendship and fun with East Side Riders Bike Club. We take such pride in providing a complete bike family experience from the moment you arrive you will never want to leave. Also join us for our Ride to Feed the Hungry Series every 4th Friday of the Month unless noted.

To volunteer please email

The East Side Riders Bike Club (ESR) is an all-volunteer, grassroots bicycle club. Your tax-deductible donation goes towards our mission to prevent youth from joining gangs and/or taking drugs, but also towards engaging youth who have a desire to enrich the community through recreational activities, specifically focusing on bicycle riding.


Our mission is to prevent kids from being in gangs and doing drugs,

helping those in need and educating all who seek to enrich the community.

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